Brooch Jewelry Trend

This year’s vintage frenzy has given rise to a definitive Victorian accessory, the brooch. Perhaps one of the oldest types of jewelry, today’s brooches are fashion forward with bold shapes and elaborate styles. With their timeless appeal and feminine elegance, brooches instantly dress up any outfit for a very put together appearance.

Flower brooches are popular in all colors and sizes. You can wear a soft flower made from fabric or a metallic flower studded with crystals.

Photo Source: N. L. Shaw & Company

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Ornate filigree styles are also popular.

Photo Source: Perfora

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Brooches are a great way to stylize your look and add a little extra bling to your wardrobe. If you’d like to try your hand at creating your own brooch, the components in our Kabela Design section are perfect for this trend!

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