Looking Forward to Spring

It’s still winter, and here in Western Washington that means plenty of rain with talk of possible snow to come. While this winter has been beautiful, I’m looking forward to feeling the warm glow of spring and seeing the bright colors of fresh flowers. My neighbor’s crocuses have made an appearance, so I know spring isn’t too far away!

Tropical Convergence 2011 Trend

I love the colors represented in this year’s spring and summer fashion trend Tropical Convergence. This trend gets its name and colors from lush wildlife. Colors are bright and joyful. Light blue tones are reminiscent of the deep tropical sky, while yellows and golds bring to mind the warm sunlight and captivating ocean reflections. Sunsets are represented with beautiful oranges and pinks and a touch of green suggests endless rainforests.

Now that’s the kind of scenery I’d like to think about!

Pipa Pools Necklace Learning Center Idea

Our designers have just created a colorful carefree necklace called Pipa Pools using this trend as a guide. I love the sea life charms and pendants in this design. They remind me of many happy days spent at the beach.


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    Love the necklace, very colorful and bright!

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    I’ve never considered multiple beads and pendants like that, goes well together and the color scheme rocks.

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