An Overview of Birthstones

Some months seem to change their birthstone colors from year to year, which can pose a challenge if you’re planning to make jewelry to celebrating a particular month. The American Gem Society has put together a list of traditional birthstones for each month, and what the color is supposed to represent. Each gem has a brief history to go along as well. For the months whose colors have changed throughout the years, this site lists them all. Swarovski has a nice selection of birthstone colors for you to choose from, to best fit the month you want to represent. Use them in a charm bracelet to represent the birthdays of important people in your life or as a gift for someone else. Listed below are the traditional birthstones for each month and what they represented:

January: Garnet-eternal friendship and trust
February: Amethyst-wards off intoxication
March: Aquamarine-to cool one’s temper
April: Diamond-gift for a loved one
May: Emerald-rebirth and youth
June: Pearl-marital ceremonies
July: Ruby-health, wisdom and wealth
August: Periodt-protect against nightmares
September: Sapphire-protect loved ones from envy and harm
October: Opal-change
November: Topaz-healing
December: Turquoise-means “Turkish stone”


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