April Showers…Indoor Fun!

Spring is a time of change, and unfortunately, sometimes change comes with rain. We always enjoy the beautiful creations that come from fresh spring rain, but it’s not always convenient to go outside and admire them. When you get rained in, grab the kids and find fun stuff to do inside that everyone will enjoy! Here are just a few suggestions:

1. Create a scavenger hunt that you can use in any house. Make the clues using beads and jewelry supplies. The answers to the riddles can be common places around a house, so these can be used again or brought over to a friend’s house!

2. Take some of your old beads, buttons and strings and make sock puppets! Find some old socks that’ve lost their “mates” and decorate with whatever you wish. This lets kids get creative and make special keepsakes for you! If it’s still pouring outside, put on a puppet show!

3. You can never have enough jewelry, so think of a new idea and get inspired by the weather! Take some time to make a nice piece of jewelry for the new season.

Don’t let the rain get you down, there’s plenty of fun to be had inside that doesn’t cost much. Also, be sure to stop by our Learning Center for more great ideas!

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