The Meaning Behind Colors

It’s true that we often associate certain feelings and emotions with different colors, and this can sometimes determine what clothes we decide to wear that day. I know when it’s cold outside I don’t always feel like wearing bright colors, even though maybe I should since it would probably make me feel better! When picking jewelry or craft designs, we may not realize that whatever we’re feeling or wanting to feel could affect the colors we choose to use. The next time you’re trying to decide on a color scheme, think of what feeling you want to evoke. Maybe you need some new job interview jewelry, or want to make a gift for a good friend. has come up with a chart explaining the different meanings behind colors. As their site explains, there are many different interpretations of color, and this stems from cultural implications. For example, red can evoke a warm feeling because we associate it with fire, or anger because a person’s face often turns red when they get upset. Below are just a few emotional connections that we make with certain colors. I’ve tried to only mention ones that would apply to jewelry making.

Red: Warmth, love, boldness, excitement, strength, determination, courage
Orange: Cheerfulness, enthusiasm, creativity
Yellow: Comfort, liveliness, optimism, happiness, energy
Green: Durability, reliability, calm, harmony, freshness
Blue: Peace, professionalism, loyalty, depth, trust
Purple: Power, royalty, elegance, sophistication, luxury, mystery
Grey: Traditionalism, conservatism, intelligence
Brown: Relaxing, confident, casual, solid, genuine
Black: Sophistication, formality, power, strength
White: Cleanliness, purity, peace, simplicity, innocence

Margie Deeb has written books about working with colors in jewelry making. Learn more about her ideas on our link.


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    Bracelet is so lovely, I can resist such a wonderful colored bead stuff

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