What Will be Worn at the Royal Wedding?

Photo Source: Hurriyet Daily News.

There is much speculation as to what Kate Middleton will wear for her bridal jewelry at her wedding tomorrow. I know I will be up early to get you the details! For today I’ve decided to let you know what has been released to the public. Although no one knows what Kate will be wearing, we do have some speculation as to what other important participants will be adorned with.
We all know that Prince William presented Miss Kate with his mother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring, a fitting touch to honor the late Princess Diana. According to diamondpriceguide.com, there are now reports that Diana’s sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, will wear Princess Diana’s pear-shaped diamond earrings to the ceremony. The pear diamonds are enclosed with fifty smaller diamonds. This site also explains that Prince William will break tradition by not wearing a wedding band. He is opting to only wear a Welsh gold heirloom made from a 21-Karat gold nugget, given to Queen Elizabeth back in 1981, which has been kept by the crown jeweler Harry Collins.

Photo Source: The London Evening Standard. These earrings once belonging to Priness Diana will be worn by her sister in tomorrow’s wedding.

Be sure to check back tomorrow as we will have the details on all the royal wedding jewelry. No need to wake up early and watch the procession—it’ll all be here for you here when you wake up!


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