DesignerFest: Day Six – Patricia Healey

If you have not had a chance to browse the incredible work from Patricia Healey, you’re missing the opportunity to own a piece of true art! Patricia Healey designs jewelry out of copper—creating looks with a natural feel. In fact, Patricia told us that nature is what inspires her the most. She says she likes to go for long walks to soak it all in before creating her next piece. Most of her designs include leaves, flowers, and bugs. The American southwest is another big influence in her art, which could explain the warm copper coloring she decided to work with. Back when we met up with her at the bead show in Tucson, there was a sign placed on her booth to describe how she creates her beads. This explanation gives you a look into her fun personality while at the same time informs you:

Fabricated from sheet metal. First, we cut the shapes out, then put form to metal using the technique of Repousse, (beating the crap out of the metal from the reverse side, giving it form). We use a bronze solder. To get the gorgeous color we use our top secret patination formula, then fire it up with a torch. Finally, the color is sealed in with a metal lacquer.

See the article from our previous blog post from the tucson bead show!

Now that you know a little bit about how these incredible copper beads are made, go check them out! We are very happy to carry Patricia Healey copper products and want to share them with you!

Come back tomorrow for our last DesignerFest feature: Hill Tribe Silver!


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    Very unique, fluid and pretty!

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