Extreme Makeover: Pearl Edition

Photo Source: Cheryl Kremkow.

Pearls have long been known to represent elegance and style, but few are aware that pearls are a versatile jewelry component that can be worn for both fancy dinners and casual barbecue outings. If you think of a simple strand when you imagine pearls, get ready to be blown away! The fashion world has determined that pearls have multiple uses, and we’re here to share with you the new pearl revolution.

Photo Source: Cheryl Kremkow.

Stacked strands have been popular for a few years now. Though traditional white pearls go well with any outfit, with pearls coming in so many different colors you can mix and match materials to incorporate pearls into any design. These are not your grandmother’s pearls!
If you’re looking for new ways to wear family heirloom gifts, mix your pearls with stunning crystals or glass beads. We even offer a variety of pearlized glass beads to give you a combination effect. When you wear pearls, you will always carry confidence. Now you can show off your classy side without looking too conservative. Discover new ways to wear your favorite natural beauties!

Here are some amazing creations from winning designers who decided to turn pearls into works of fashion art!

Photo Source: Cheryl Kremkow.

Speaking of fashion, Donna Karan’s new Fall 2011 runway show was inspired by this amazing piece of jewelry. She titled her show “Pearls of Wisdom,” using soft pearl tones in her clothing line for this fall. Her idea was to show working women that they don’t need to wear black to be powerful—you can make just as big of a statement when you offer soft touches to you look. Most models were adorned in pearl necklaces to demonstrate the power of pearls.

Photo Source: style.com.

View our entire selection of pearls to get started creating new ways to wear your pearls. We would love to see the designs you come up with!

Sources: jewelry insider and style.com


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