Inspiration Behind the Opportunity Necklace

All of our Learning Center jewelry ideas come from some spark of inspiration, but few are made with a purpose. One of our newest ideas called “Opportunity Necklace” was created by Artbeads co-owner and jewelry designer Cynthia Kimura. Every piece of this pendant has its own meaning and she explained to me what they were.

She wanted to make a piece with an inspirational message, and she found it from her love of birds. The picture of the cage was the first thing Cynthia liked, and thought to depict a bird escaping from its cage. She chose to place the word “hope” next to the picture to describe that this bird has new hope for life, now that he is free. As he sits on a branch, the bird charm looks back at where he used to be. In a sense, he was once inside the picture frame where the cage sets, and is now outside of the frame looking in. Cynthia incorporated the word “fly” on a silver tag to send another message to the bird: he can now fly wherever he wants to go and rule the air. At the other end of the branch hangs a key—the key to his cage that he now has control of.

You can make your own OpportunityNecklace by visiting the Learning Center and checking out this free idea, or get inspired to create your own special interpretation of this important message.


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    I found a lot of good ideas in the Learning Center. Thanks.

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    Thanks for sharing this great design.
    Love the way all the elements go together.

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