What is Steampunk?

This popular style of jewelry may be a new concept to you, or you may have heard of the term before but never understood the original meaning. Here’s what steampunk really is and your chance to discover a new way to design jewelry.

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Steampunk, although now branched into many different sections of culture, began as a sub-genre of science-fiction literature in the 1980s and early 1990s. The world of steampunk has a Victorian-era feel filled with innovative contraptions. The melding of the two words comes from combining the social or technological aspects of the Victorian era, when they used steam power, and one’s rebellion against parts of it; in essence, a punk. Many movies and television shows have tried to capture the imagery of steampunk, such as Dr. Who and Sherlock Holmes. Essentially, steampunk is the idea of inventing non-conventional contraptions out of resources that would have been found during the 19th Century. This is often why you will find many gears and clocks inside steampunk-style devices.

Steampunk jewelry takes this to another level. Often times, steampunk fashion combines elements of vintage and modern for a unique twist on this concept. You will see a lot of filigree designs, base metals and watch faces with gothic undertones. We have a place on our site dedicated to teaching you how to make steampunk jewelry out of the basic elements. Browse our mixed media to put your own twist on steampunk, too!

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    • Laura Phillips
    • June 23, 2011

    Very interesting article and I like the pictures both of the jewelry and the castle.

    • Christine Bujnowski
    • August 20, 2012

    Great photos, I feel very inspired to create some new pieces. The look does seem to be catching on more and more, and gives a whole new dimension to jewelry design. Thank you for all your photos, info, and inspirations.

  1. Reply

    The first step to having a Steampunk aesthetic is to start at the base: wear a Victorian designer suit. For him, as for her, it is the basis of every design of a steampunk outfit. Having clear the type of clothing that you are going to wear, is when you can start adding vintage accessories.

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