Deserted Island Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Liz for winning the Deserted Island Challenge! Her inventive use of steel stamps was creative and fun. We hope you enjoy your prize and would like to see what you create with your goodies! Here’s Liz’s comment below:

“Choices, choices! I would have the 1/8 alphabet steel stamp set in its plastic storage case with me. I’d use the container to drink water from; there must be a fresh stream on the island somewhere. From the metal stamps I’d make a hole in a coconut or use them as rock climbing spikes. Maybe I’d create a spark from the steel to make a fire or make a spear to catch a fish or use it as a lure. I might even ward away predators with my spear that I made from the steel. After all that, if I didn’t think I was going to make it then I would find a palm sized rock and sit down beside a dead tree then pound out a message with my alphabet stamps for my loved ones to see who might find it some day.”

Thank you to all of our entries for your creative comments! We loved reading all of the suggestions you left. It’s good to know our Artbeaders know how to be prepared! Stay tuned for our next contest coming soon!

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    Liz, congratulations for making it to the top. You really deserved this award.

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