Jessica’s Story – Preparing for Parenthood

We love to hear how our customers have become successful in their jewelry making hobby, and here’s a great story about how Jessica Sebastian got her start in jewelry making, in her own words:

When my daughter Ellie was born, I was so horribly underprepared for the challenges of nursing her that it was truthfully the single worst element of pregnancy, labor, delivery, and early care of her. I cried, I got angry, I complained, I was miserable. I needed something to make me feel normal again. Keeping track of feeding times on top of everything else was almost impossible. I had heard of nursing bracelets but couldn’t find one I really liked and didn’t want to pay a lot of money for something that was only so-so.

I got on and found the square number beads. Bingo! I was able to create my own bracelets that had tons of sparkle and style and an amazing thing happened…I began to feel slightly better! I could keep track of feeding times and sides and I looked pretty cute doing it. I started talking with other moms who also thought it was a great idea because it would help them through the difficult first months of newborn care and feeding. This also filled a need I had to be engaged in something other than daily routine.

A month before Ellie was born I was attending school full time and working. A month after she was born, I had graduated and left my job to stay home with her; life changed. Making nursing bracelets helped me get back to feeling great and enjoying feeding time with Ellie. Since then, it has been my mission to provide stylish, truly affordable jewelry. I sell my feeding bracelets as close to cost as possible because it is something I love to do and I think everyone should be able to afford to have something that makes the hard times slightly easier. Women and their babies around the country have benefited from my creations and knowing that I have helped them even a little is the best feeling of all!

Thanks to Jessica for sharing her story with us! We’re proud to be able to supply beads to her company Jewelry by Sebastian Designs. If you would like to check out her designs, visit her Jewelry by Sebastian Designs website.

We want to hear your story, too! Send us your jewelry design to our blog for beaders e-mail to be featured as one of our customer success stories. Share your stories and inspire others to get creative! Mail them to [email protected].

If you’re just starting out and looking for a way to sell your designs, check out our Seller’s Secrets page where we share helpful ways to develop your jewelry-making business.


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    • Yvette
    • July 22, 2011

    Such a touching story! Jessica, you are amazing. Congratulations on making lemonade out of lemons in a sparkly, shiny way!

  1. Reply

    Thanks, Yvette! You are so sweet.

  2. Reply

    Hi Jessica,
    I own a site about babies and one of the subjects is breastfeeding.
    I myself breastfed my 4 kids and I think we should encourage moms to breastfeed.
    One of the ways is sharing your success breastfeeding story .
    Would you share yours on my site.
    Here is a link where you can read different breastfeeding stories and submit yours.
    I will be more than glad to publish your story on my site.
    Best regards,
    Sarit Bronstein

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    Salute to you Jessica, I have to congratulate you for what you have been through. I believe right now you and Ellie just fine because from the beginning you already manage your self through this problem.

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