Ancient Jewelry Discoveries

Wouldn’t it be cool to dig up buried treasure in your back yard? All over the world people have discovered ancient artifacts where they least expect to. Some of these discoveries have been incredible jewelry from past civilizations! Although your own back yard may not hold rich treasures, you never know where you’ll find valuable items. There are countless stories of people finding priceless items at flea markets, swap meets and even garage sales. Here are some cool findings from around the world.

Photo Source: Yahoo News.

Some lucky divers in Key West, Florida found this emerald ring along with two silver spoons believed to be part of a Spanish shipwreck that carried some of the greatest treasures ever discovered. A galleon called the Nuestra Senora de Atocha was on its way back to Spain filled with silver and gold treasures when it sank during a hurricane. The divers hope to find more in the future.

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One man in Austria dug up 650-year-old medieval jewelry in his yard while trying to remove some trees—if only we all were so lucky when weeding the flower beds! This discovery has an estimated value of over $150,000.

Photo Source: Discovery News.

Even though this piece may not be as stunning as the first two, researchers uncovered this earring once worn by a soldier in the Persian army. The small beads are believed to be from a necklace worn by a soldier as well. This Persian army disappeared in the Sahara Desert over 2,500 years ago, and was believed to have drowned in the hot sand during a storm. Jewelry like this is simply priceless!


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    • CATHIE
    • August 16, 2011

    It would be great to find jewelry or any object from the past

  1. Reply

    Fascinating. Love looking at ancient jewellery in museums. Imagine finding some in your own yard!

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