Grace Kelly – Hollywood Princess

Much like the simple style of Audrey Hepburn, actress Grace Kelly thankfully shared with us her brilliant jewelry style. Today we celebrate the enchanting style that she embraced and explore the ways her fashion has inspired younger generations. We witnessed at the Royal Wedding how her fashion still lingers today with Kate Middleton’s iconic wedding dress. Her Kelly handbag, created for the starlet by Hermes and fittingly named after her, still has one of the longest waiting lists for people to purchase. However, a lot of her more sparkly accessories stand the test of time as well.

Like other classic beauties, Grace loved to wear pearls. Pearls continue to be a symbol for ladylike elegance, yet have evolved to become more versatile in other fashion trends. Her multi-stranded pearl and diamond bracelet and necklace attest to the romantic glisten behind each cream drop.

One of the most stunning pieces of her collection was her engagement ring given to her by Prince Rainier of Monaco. The 10.47-carat emerald-cut diamond, set off by two baguette diamonds on either side, was mounted in platinum.

The French jewelry house Cartier called out to Grace Kelly to wear their designs, leading them to become the official supplier for her royal family. As a wedding gift, Cartier presented Grace with a platinum and diamond necklace in 1963.

If you want to look like Grace, remember to stay classy. She never flaunted her wealth, rather she carried herself with poise which allowed the jewelry to stun onlookers with ease. Grace did not lose herself in wanting to drip with diamonds. She did enjoy glamorous fashion, yes, but her ladylike qualities kept her look from going over the top. Listed below are a few jewelry ideas available in our Learning Center that mirror Grace Kelly’s style. Check them out and try to take your own approach to this American princess’ style.

Memory Wire Bridal Braclet

Five Strand Bridal Choker

Swarovski Pearl Ear Threads

Is there another hollywood glamour girl you base your fashion on? Let us know who you think we should do a feature on next!

Source for all photos: Luella and June.


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    • Dollykatz
    • September 12, 2011

    These were the classiest people. I loved both of them. No one can compare to them.

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