Under the Sea Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Julie F. from Pennsylvania, the grand prize winner of our Under the Sea Challenge. Julie has won a fabulous prize package that includes freshwater pearls, an Artbeads gift card and her choice of Unicorne Beads. We would like to thank all of our entries and congratulate you on your aquatic knowledge. Are you ready for the answers to our quiz? Here they are!

True or False: Shells have been used as currency in past cultures. True.

The largest species of dolphin is the Orca.

True or False: A seahorse can move one eye at a time. True.

Most sea shells found on the beach are from marine mollusks.

True or False: Sea turtles can stick their heads inside their shells. False.

There is enough tetrodotoxin, a dangerous poison, in one puffer fish to kill 30 adult humans.

True or False: Dolphins can swallow their food whole. True.

A group of seahorses is called a herd.

The meat of a puffer fish is a rare delicacy in Japan called Fugu.

True or False: Sea turtles are generally social animals. False.

We hope you enjoyed our Under the Sea Challenge. Stay tuned to read about our next contest!

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