Winners of the Native American Necklace Contest

Congratulations to the three winners of Perles et Dent’Elles contest. Their contest was based on the movie Dances with Wolves, and entrants were instructed to design a necklace using seed beads with a Peyote stitch.

Alise from Belarus took the top spot…

Alema from Russia came in second…

…and in third place was Zhukis from Latvia.

All of them had beautiful designs.

Four international judges examined each of the 29 entries to determine the top three winners. Thank you to the four judges, Zoya Gutina, Coco 006, Laulo, and Peetja, for their participation and hard work on this contest. You can view all of the entries on the Perles & Dent’elles website, listed in three different languages.

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