Happy Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day!

This week we honor Take Your Teddy Bear to Work and School Day, and to celebrate we’re offering you the chance to win a cute stoneware pendant with a fun teddy bear image. All you have to do is share your funny teddy bear story by leaving a comment below. Is there a funny way your teddy bear got his or her name? Is there a cute adoption story about how you came to own your beloved bear? Maybe it’s a childhood memory you hold dear when your teddy bear was your best friend. Whatever it is, we want to hear it! Our favorite story will be chosen to win. Hurry, this contest ends tonight at 11:59PM PT. We will announce the winner tomorrow.

No purchase necessary, must be 18 or older to enter, one entry per person. Odds of winning depend on number of entries. Prize valued at $25, void where prohibited by law. Contest valid in the US and Canada only excluding Quebec.


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    • Stacy S
    • October 12, 2011

    it isn’t really a funny story, but a sweet one. When my Gma was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer a little over 3 years ago-my youngest son-who was then 6 years old gave her his teddy bear-so she wouldn’t be lonely and scared in the hospital. This was huge as he had slept with the teddy bear every since he was a baby.

  1. When my daughter was small, if we saw a teddy bear left on the curb in someone’s trash we would have to get it and take it home and clean it up. It would sport a couple of bandaids to cover any boo-boos. She called them her children.

    • Vince Jakucenis
    • October 12, 2011

    my daughter wore her’s out and only the head was left but she still wanted tp sleep with then one night my wife replaced it with a new one while whe was sleeping and when she woke up told her it just got back from Heaven where the angels fixed it up.

    • Jodi Coffey
    • October 12, 2011

    I have been a fan of teddy bears my entire life. When I was little, Teddy was always by my side. <3

    • Sarah Gilbert
    • October 12, 2011

    When I was a senior in high school my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told him I wanted a teddy that way I could model for him. He said OK and left the subject alone. When he gave me my Christmas gift it was a large brown paper bag, when I opened it up it was a large white teddy bear, he said he didn’t have the courage to go into any stores to buy what I wanted.

    The relationship didn’t last but 22 years later we are friends and I still have the big white teddy bear with the cutest little red bowtie!!

    • Gayla Weber
    • October 12, 2011

    When I was born my grandpa gave me a big yellow, furry teddy bear that had such soft ears. I would fall asleep every night rubbing his ear between my fingers. Grandpa died when I was about 4 years old, but that teddy stayed with me for years, and years, and years, and more years, until he finally was so dirty and musty that he had to go. Oh, I loved that bear……and I loved my grandpa. 🙂

    • Sandra
    • October 12, 2011

    When my daughter was born, it was one of the scariest times in my life, as she unexpectedly wound up in NICU for several weeks. One of our friends, trying to cheer us up, sent us flowers and a teddy bear. He said he thought about sending a shot gun to keep the boys away, but decided the teddy bear would bring us more comfort. I smile whenever I see that bear to this day.

    • Sandy
    • October 12, 2011

    My teddy bear story goes on and on. I’m 25 years old and I’ve had severe asthma for my entire life. Every night since before I can remember, I’ve fallen asleep playing with the tag on the back of a teddy bear. For the first 13 years of my life, it was a little yellow one. The tag had to be replaced 4 or 5 times, and eventually I rubbed all the fur off it’s back as well. Now it’s white… ish. Slightly worse for the wear, I have to say my teddy bear is one of my biggest comforts at times. Anyone who knows me knows when I start carrying around my bear I don’t feel well. Childish or not, it helps, and without the harsh side effects of medication. My current teddy looks rather sad now as it’s been with me through a lot, but I still can’t sleep without it, so the poor thing will have to endure more before it earns a place on a shelf.

  2. My 10yo daughter has a teal green teddy bear atht was a gift from her grandpa before she was even born. It was in the bassinet when she came home from the hospital and has been her constant companion since she was old enough to carry him. His name is Buddy Green. When she started school she was devestated to learn that she couldn’t take him with her each day. I told her that bears couldn’t go to her school because they had their own school to go to–Beartere Elementary. I bought him a little dolly backpack and filled it up with tiny notebooks and pencils. Each day while she was at school I would write “assignments” in the notebooks or color pictures for Buddy to bring home to her. He “rode the schoolbus” and got home right before she did every day so he’d be waiting on her bed with his papers in hand and she’d rush in each day to see share with him what each had done at school that day.

    • Mary Brinton
    • October 12, 2011

    When my son was very small – about 3 or so (he’s 32 now) he had a lovely teddy bear his Daddy’s parents gave him. It was also about then that I was knitting him sweaters. I finished one and he came over to me and said, “Mom, Bear is my best friend. He needs a sweater, too.” Dan and Bear wore their matching sweaters quite happily together within the next day. Bear still wears his.

  3. When I was 10 years old I broke my leg and a friend of the family gave me Teddy, he is still my best friend andI still sleep with him every night. My husband knows we don’t go on any trips without Teddy. At the ripe old age of 34 he has lived in 8 states and one foreign country and traveled to many more places even getting a pair of wings on one flight from a friendly flight stewardess.

    • Latoya
    • October 12, 2011

    Last year my almost 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease that was isolated to her heart and was undergoing a lot of procedures at the time. My 4 year old decided to lend her favorite Teddy to little sister while she was recovering, I definately have to say it sped up the healing time for her. It was so precious!

    • Yvette
    • October 12, 2011

    When my 24 year old son was much younger, he had an orange bear that he (creatively) called “Orange Bear.” It was the first toy I bought for him when I found out that I was pregnant. Unfortunately, that bear was swept away in a flood.

    When I got pregnant for his sister, I bought her an orange bear. The first time her brother saw it(he was 20 years old at the time), he got all misty eyed and said, “Orange Bear!”

    • Heather
    • October 12, 2011

    My teddy bear story is my own… and he’s a very dear bear to me.
    When my husband and I were dating, his first gift to me was a small purple teddy bear with a heart on his foot – it was his way of saying he loved me before he was able to get the courage to say it.
    I slept with that bear all through our courtship – and now I know that I can look forward to the gift of another bear at least once or twice a year. Through the years, my bear collection has grown to fill the bed in the guest room – my little purple bear (named for my husband), will always have a place of honor in our bedroom.

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