Spooky Seed Bead Sweepstakes Winners!

Winners for the Spooky Seed Bead Sweepstakes Contest

Congratulations to our big list of spooky seed bead winners! Here’s a complete list of the winners. Each of these lucky participants has won a goody bag full of Halloween-themed seed beads with a few tricks and treats hidden inside.

1. Ann B. from Michigan
2. Antonia C. from Illinois
3. Atiya K from Kentucky
4. Betty C. from Connecticut
5. Beverly F. from Delaware
6. Beverly T. from California
7. Candice L. from Idaho
8. Cathy V. from Ontario
9. Christine R. from Oregon
10. DeeAnn S. from Pennsylvania
11. Jamie L. from British columbia
12. Jaydee D. from Oregon
13. Josefa A. from Georgia
14. Judith M. from Kansas
15. Kristine C. from Florida
16. Lamar R. from Florida
17. Marge S. from Minnesota
18. Michelle C. from South Carolina
19. Mindee L. from Utah
20. Monique V. from Minnesota
21. Renetha S. from Ohio
22. Robin T. from California
23. Rose L. from Washington
24. Sandra T. from Iowa
25. Sarah C. from Colorado
26. Sherry B. from Hawaii
27. Sheryl S. from Ohio
28. Tashia G. from Mississippi
29. Terri M. from New York
30. Trudy W. from California
31. Zoe L. from New York

Thanks to all of you who participated in this contest, and make sure to check in tomorrow to see what’s coming next. Our upcoming contest is destined to provide a howlin’ good time for all.

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    • October 24, 2011

    CONGRATS WINNERS! I am looking for a pattern book (soft cover) (Design Originals I believe. in the cover there was a pair of seed bead earrings that looked just like peacock feathers. I can’t remember what else was shown. I had this book at one time but it seems I have lost it and I really want to find another copy soon. Can anyone help me?

  1. Reply

    Really nice surprise! Again, thanks so much for the beads! I can’t wait to make something out of them! Since being laid off, I have plenty of time (inbetween job hunting) to create something!

    • Monique
    • October 27, 2011

    Thanks so much for the lovely beads! I received them today and am having fun deciding what I want to do with them! What a surprise it was to find out I was one of the winners!

    • Marissa
    • October 27, 2011

    Hello! I noticed your comment about seed bead books, and wanted to give you a link to all of the Design Originals books available on our site:

    I hope you find the one you were looking for!

    • Tiya
    • October 27, 2011

    I was not having a great day today until I opened my mail box and there it was….a nice chunky envelope filled with 18 little bags of beautiful beads…I love the variety of colors and sizes!! ArtBeads.com has made my day! Thanks 😀

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