Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Meredith T., the winner of our Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day Contest. Her touching story won over our hearts, and in return she’s being awarded this darling stoneware pendant with a fun teddy bear image. Thank you to everyone who shared their teddy bear story with us. We are glad to hear that there are a lot of bears out there that are loved. You can read Meredith’s story below.

“My 10yo daughter has a teal green teddy bear atht was a gift from her grandpa before she was even born. It was in the bassinet when she came home from the hospital and has been her constant companion since she was old enough to carry him. His name is Buddy Green. When she started school she was devestated to learn that she couldn’t take him with her each day. I told her that bears couldn’t go to her school because they had their own school to go to–Beartere Elementary. I bought him a little dolly backpack and filled it up with tiny notebooks and pencils. Each day while she was at school I would write “assignments” in the notebooks or color pictures for Buddy to bring home to her. He “rode the schoolbus” and got home right before she did every day so he’d be waiting on her bed with his papers in hand and she’d rush in each day to see share with him what each had done at school that day.”

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    Thank you so much! I’m excited to see what this piece looks like in person. It will likely go into making a special necklace for my teddy bear loving Princess so she really CAN take her teddy to work (or school as it may be!).

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