Fun With Ring Top Embellishments!

Here’s a fun new way to show the world your creative side with one of these fabulous rings! In anticipation of our newest ring toppers made for using with blank rings, our designers decided to create their own cool pieces! With a variety of shapes to choose from there’s no end to the colorful and personalized possibilities. Family photos, magazine clippings, fabric or paper scraps, cool postage stamps, comic book images…you name it, you can seal it in resin and wear on a ring. That’s just the beginning! With a charm and a dab of glue you can add dimension and more interest. We’ll show you how to complete your look in just three easy steps!

But first—and most important—decide which style of topper you like best and choose your image. Keep in mind the image you want to use and pick a shape that will work with it. You can then reduce your size with an image editing program like PhotoShop if needed. Now that you’ve decided which piece to work with, let’s get started…

Step One

After you print your image, lay a generous piece of wide cellophane (Scotch) tape across the back of the image. Smooth out any air bubbles with a popsicle stick or similar tool. Turn it over and repeat with a second piece of tape over the picture. Again, smooth out any bubbles. This will protect the image and keep the ink from running. You should now have an image sandwiched between layers of tape.

Trim your image to fit the ring topper frame. You may find it helpful to trace the frame border with a pencil, and then lay a separate sheet of blank paper over it and rub with the popsicle stick. This will trace the outline of your frame onto the blank paper that you can in turn cut and then place atop your image, making it easier to trim your picture to fit. Cut around the pattern, lay it over your taped image and then trim it to fit.

Extra Special Step

While you could use the topper as it is, we can’t leave anything plain! We used some Tulip Red Gilders Paste on our heart-shaped frame to give it a special touch. Do this step before you go any further, and be sure to allow twenty-four hours to dry completely. You can read our Handy Tip on how to use Gilders Paste if you need more help.

Step Two

Now the messy part! We used Gel de Soleil and a UV lamp to cure it. Another product you could use would be ICE Resin®. The Gel du Soleil was chosen because there is no mixing or waste, and the UV lamp cures the resin in fifteen minutes so there’s no time to wait.

With your trimmed background image in place in its frame, pour the Gel du Soleil slowly and carefully over the picture. You can watch a Handy Tip video about using resin available in the Learning Center if you need more help with this process. Allow this to dry or “cure”.

Extra Special Step

Add rhinestones or charms to embellish your piece and make it your own! These extra touches can also come in handy should a bubble spoil your resin—just glue a flatback on it! Some E6000 glue or two-part epoxy would be perfect for attaching components.

Step Three

The final step is gluing your ring topper to the desired ring. We recommend using sand paper to scuff the shiny surface of the blank ring prior to gluing. Apply two-part epoxy or E6000 on the topper back and carefully place it onto the ring base.

Now you’re ready to sport your new style! Play with your favorite colors and themes to create cool ideas for every occasion. You can even make personalized gifts for loved ones, too! Get your hands on our new ring top embellishments and blank rings and get inspired to design.


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