What is Découpage?

Check out our cool new Découpage beads! These lovely beads are each made by the designer using a crafting technique called décopuage. Never heard of it? Well, we’re here to explain to you how it’s made!

To create these beads, the designer uses a wood casing as a base for each piece. Then, the designer glues layers of different colored paper over the wood base to give it more depth. The result is often a vintage feel, depending on the types of paper used. To give the beads a smooth, shiny surface, they are finished with a glaze. This keeps the paper safe from the elements and allows the beads to rest nicely against skin in a jewelry design.

This designer also creates beads using resin and recycled wood particles, more specifically sawdust. The process for these beads is pretty cool, too! Once the designer has a look and pattern in mind, the bead is decorated with silver wire that is shaped into patterns to create separate stations. Each station is then filled with colored sawdust or resin, making the beads dramatic yet lightweight. These beads are finished by laminating the design to keep everything in place.

You truly have to see these beads in person to appreciate them, so go explore our new collection of découpage beads and get your favorites today!


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    • Melanie Stanley
    • November 27, 2011

    I am a beginner at decoupaging I started with my grandmother. Ever since I started I have thought how can I make beads with decoupage. I love it.

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