Lillypilly Metal Sheets

We love these new Lillypilly copper sheets decorated with a lovely patina finish, and we know you will, too! You may be wondering what patina means, so we’re here to explain it!

The patination process for both copper and bronze is a natural progression over time. As copper ages it grows a colored layer to protect it from corrosion called patina. This layer is caused from oxidization and is often blue or green naturally, known as acquired patina. With the help of science, however, manufacturers looking to replicate the process for aesthetic reasons use chemicals to manipulate the colors and produce everything from red to black. This is called applied patina or distressing.

You can discover new dimensions in style with these Lillypilly patina copper sheets. One side shines with its warm copper color, while the other side is exposed to a special patina color pattern. From dark spots to cool blue coloring, browse different colors and patterns for just the right one. Each sheet is coated with a protective wax, and should be coated with another layer of paste wax (like car wax or floor wax) to maintain the colorful appearance. Due to this process, each copper sheet will display its own pattern of coloring, too, so your piece is sure to be one of a kind.

Our designers got to play with some of these new sheets and made a cool pair of earrings, and we want to share their idea with you! To make the earrings, you will need a pair of metal shears, a hole punch, round paper punch, metal files and your choice of copper sheet. Look for some of these components under our jewelry making tools and supplies section. Remember to wax your copper piece before working with it to maintain its color.

Trace your design on the copper sheet and cut it out using the shears.

Use the file to smooth out the sharp edges.

The paper punch helped create the circular pieces. Please note that you should not use a paper punch to cut paper once it has been used to cut metal, and should only be used with the 36 gauge sheets.

The smaller holes at the top were made with a hole punch, and then the earring finding was thread through this small hole.

Check out our collection of patina copper sheets from Lillypilly and find your favorite design to get inspired!


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    • Vivian Leese
    • October 6, 2012

    Finally, ‘they’ came up with the great idea of offering The mouldy copper in a higher gage. Now, it’s so simple to cut and cover.
    Also, I use the 3″ copper patinaed sheets for reproducing weathered copper on a project. I simply use bronzing powders and watch the kids try to wear it

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