Introducing Swarovski Chatons!

Check out our new collection of Swarovski chatons! These incredible faceted Austrian crystals feature a rich XILION-cut front surface like the Swarovski flatbacks. Their smooth backs, however, meet at a central point to give them an overall look of a traditional diamond cut with a crown and cutlet. Its pointed end makes this crystal ideal for sticking in DeCoRé clay to design unique pieces for jewelry. Most of these colorful chatons are foiled on the back to highlight their beautiful color and eye-catching sparkle. Browse our cool collection of crystal chatons available in different sizes to add the perfect twinkling element to your next idea!

Our designers got to play with some of these new additions and created the adorable jewelry link pictured above with the help of White DeCoRé clay and chatons in the colors Peridot, Aqua and Siam. Our designer also used some metal stamps to imprint the clay and then colored in the letters with a black ink pen. This fun idea took just minutes to make, so imagine what you could do with the right products and tools at home!


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    These look so pretty. I love anything Swarovski!

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