Why You Need Bead Mats

This simple sheet of felt may not seem like an important tool to have, but it really does help when you’re thinking of new jewelry ideas. Bead mats keep your beads from rolling onto the floor, which is especially important when working with small beads like seed beads. Another great advantage to bead mats is that they make picking up beads simpler than working on a tabletop surface. Bead mats are also great for protecting delicate pieces like fancy Swarovski crystals to prevent scratching. Take your ideas from your mind to reality by laying them out on a bead mat before you start stringing. This is a key element for creating designer jewelry! These lightweight and machine-washable components make great stocking stuffers for the holidays and are a must-have for every designer. From budding beginners for avid experts, every jewelry maker will tell you that bead mats always come in handy. Stock up on bead mats to allow for multiple projects at once and feel like a pro!


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