What is Borosilicate Glass?

Today we shine the spotlight on a lovely element: borosilicate glass. This special composite often found in lampwork designs is a type of glass which includes at least five percent boric oxide. This oxide allows the glass to resist extreme temperatures, ideal in lampworking. It is also resistant to chemical corrosion, although this glass is more likely to crack or snap, rather than shatter, if broken. Borosilicate glass can handle both very hot and very cold temperatures, which is important for chemical storage. This is why you will often find science labs with beakers and test tubes made from this component.

This strong glass contains silica and boron oxide, both important properties for molding glass to create beautiful lampwork glass beads. You can check out our entire collection of boro glass beads available in a wild variety of colors to design unique jewelry with a strong focal.

You can locate the lampwork necklace idea from the image above here.

Information Source: wisegeek.com


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    • Ellen Lesak
    • January 9, 2012

    Wow, so cool! It’s fun to know such interesting science is in some of the fascinating beads behind some of our most beautiful designs!

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