Happy Leap Day

Every four years, we are treated to one extra day in February called Leap Day. The reason we have Leap Days is because the Earth rotates on its axis for 365 1/4 days before making a complete rotation. This extra quarter turn results in the need for our calendars to catch up with the universe. This is why we have a Leap Year every four years. There are a lot of superstitions surrounding Leap Day, so let’s explore some of the oldest traditions.

One of the most well-known traditions of Leap Day is the customary allowance of a woman proposing to her man on a Leap Day. This started as an Irish legend, when St. Patrick was approached by St. Bridget about how unfair it was that women had to wait for a man to propose. The two argued about women’s privileges and finally settled on Leap Years. One out of every four years, a woman would be allowed to propose. It was also believed that if a man refused on a Leap Day that the woman he turned down would be granted from him a kiss and a silk gown. This fun story has evolved to be an exciting day for women today who want to break away from traditional proposals and pop the question themselves.

Another less loveable tradition is that Leap Day brings bad luck. Much like Friday the 13th is believed to be an unlucky day, Scottish lore tells that those born on a Leap Day are considered to be very unlucky people. Similarly in Greece, couples who marry during a Leap Year—or worse get married on Leap Day—will bring bad luck their way.

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