How to Use a Texture Hammer

A texture hammer is a great way to introduce texture into your metal designs. This texture hammer provides nine interchangeable faces that are securely attached to the hammer by a threaded collar.

Step 1:

To use the texture hammer, first choose the texture face you would like to use. Next, unscrew the threaded end on the hammer.

Step 2:

Place the texture face into the threaded ring you removed from the hammer.

Step 3:

Screw the threaded ring back onto the hammer.

Step 4:

Place the metal you want to texture onto a bench block and strike firmly with the hammer.

Extra Tip:

The size of this hammer makes it ideal for adding texture to a very small area as well as larger areas. Try using multiple tips to layer different textures. Above are samples of each texture face and what design they will produce on metal.


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    • Barbara Heist
    • February 13, 2012

    Awesome, love all of the designs

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