How to Use a Hole Punch

A hole punch, or hole punching pliers, is an essential tool when working with metal in jewelry designs. It creates a perfectly uniform hole every time and is ideal if you work with rivets, screws or other cold connection techniques. The hole punch you want to use depends on the thickness, or gauge, of the metal you are working with.

When working with 36-gauge copper metal sheets it is best to use standard hole punching pliers. This gauge is thin enough to not damage the punch. To use this tool, simply mark with a pen where on the metal sheet you want holes. Firmly grip the pliers, line up your mark with the peg of the pliers and squeeze.

For thicker gauge metal it is best to use a heavy-duty hole punch. This tool can create a 1.5 mm hole or a 2mm hole.

First, mark where you want the hole with a pen. Decide which size hole you want and turn the appropriate handle until you can fit your metal into the slot. Line up your mark with the punch. Turn the crank handle until it pushes the punch through the metal.


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