How to Use Rivets

Riveting metal pieces together in jewelry making is a great alternative to soldering. Riveting is a cold connection method, meaning there is no heat applied. This is useful if using flammable or fragile materials in your design. A rivet looks much like a two-headed nail. The use of rivets provides an easy and inexpensive way to create pieces that are multi-dimensional and also moveable if you so desire.


Mark where you want to place your rivets using a pen.


Create the holes with a hole punch in both pieces of metal. For 36 gauge copper metal sheets use a standard hole punch.

For thicker-gauge metal use a heavy-duty hole punch.

Push the rivet through the two metal pieces you want to connect.


Turn your piece over and tap the end of the rivet with a hammer until it forms a nail head. The more you tap with the hammer the tighter fit you will achieve.

Your new metal embellishment is now ready to be part of a cool and unique jewelry idea!


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  1. Reply

    I am not into metal crafting yet. But this was such a good illustration I will remember it, when I decide to try to metal craft. Thanks for explaining it so clearly.

    • Sherri
    • May 2, 2013

    Is the heart enameled? I like the tutorial. I am looking for how to rivet fire enameled pieces without breaking the enamel. Any suggestions?

    • Cheryl Kennedy
    • November 12, 2019

    Please tell us where to purchase these short, copper, flat-head rivets, I can’t find them – Thank you!

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