April Fool’s Day Ideas

Looking for a fun trick to play on April Fool’s Day this year? There are endless ways to trick your friends, no matter what angle you approach. This promotion was our practical joke last year and got quite a few laughs.

We pretended to launch a new line of coffee beans that were painted to look like beads. We had a lot of people fooled and made a lot of people laugh, too.

Do you have a funny April Fool’s joke? Tell us! We want to hear about some of your best April Fool’s Day practical jokes. Congratulations to the winner of our giveaway, Lisa! Her April Fool’s joke that she played on her husband got us going. She has won a $25 Artbeads gift certificate. Thanks to everyone who shared their best stories. We hope you all have fun this year.

Stay tuned later when we’ll give you another great idea you can play on April Fool’s!


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  1. I wanted to play a joke on my 1st husband comanding officer, see he just bought a brand new harley davidson motorcycle, and I called him on the phone and told him I had an accident w/bike and thier wasnt much left of it and that I would meet him in the parking lots. Boy did he run out the door and flew to his bike to find there was nothing wrong with the bike, I was there to wish him happy fools day he said one day he would get back but never idi

    • Sandy
    • March 28, 2012

    It wasn’t April Fool’s, but my favorite joke ever played was memorable because if how it failed. It was one my dad attempted to pull on my mom when they were first married. He worked nights, she worked days, so when daddy got off work, mom was still asleep. One morning early she wakes to see someone with a bag over their head going through their bedroom like he’s a thief. My mom goes back to sleep afterwards, but is soon awakened again by my dad running in the room saying “Did you see that guy that was in here?!” My mom very calmly replied “Yes, he was wearing your shirt….” and went right back to sleep.

    • Serena
    • March 28, 2012

    I was enjoying a quiet evening at home when the phone rings, it is my son-in-law. He seems flustered and not quite himself. I asked him if everything was okay, and he paused and then began to tell me that my daughter had been in a traffic stop and had been taken to jail. He gave me all of the details and said that she was having a breakdown inside the jail. At this point I am beginning to panic and worry that my child is in a stressful situation. When he realized that he had me where he wanted me in the joke, he gave my daughter her cue and she began laughing hysterically. Of course I was so relieved that it wasn’t true that I gave them their props for such a good April Fool’s joke on me!

    • Melinda
    • March 28, 2012

    My brother is terrified of bugs. He is way into his hair and keeps it perfect. Me and my sister who is a nurse decided to get him good for April Fool’s. We made a visit to his house and took some kids with us and we made sure that the kids got all over the furniture and laid on the carpet etc. The next day which was April Fool’s day, we called him and told him that the kids that had been at his house had been checked at school and had one of the worst cases of headlice and was sent home to be treated. He first yelled at us for bringing the kids to his house and then the panic set in that he may have headlice. He told his wife to go and buy some hair clippers and cut his hair off! We let him carry on over it for a few minutes and then we told him, “April Fool’s”! It was a beautiful thing to get one over on him since he is always pulling practical jokes.

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