Easter Egg Ornaments

Liven up your Easter brunch with homemade Easter egg ornaments. Many families honor the tradition of Easter trees, decorating branches white and then placing them together to create a festive tree. These trees are often decorated with colored eggs and other treats to celebrate the day. Learn how to make these découpage-style eggs in five simple steps!

If you’re not sure how to blow out an egg, there are a lot of great videos and instructions on the Internet! Make sure to blow out the egg before working on it and rinse thoroughly.

Step One:
Choose a decorative tissue paper to use, or any other piece of thin, printed material. Be sure to only use the first layer with the inked pattern. Otherwise, the paper will be too thick to stick to the egg.

Step Two:
Apply a layer of sealant to the surface of one half of the egg and then cover the egg with the tissue paper. Allow it to dry and then do the other half.

Step Three:
Apply a second layer of sealant to the egg to make it stronger, and allow to dry.

Step Four:
Cut a strand of hemp cord twice the length of how far you would like the egg to hang. Fold the cord in half and then tie a knot. Add a dab of glue and allow it to dry. Once dry, apply more glue to the knot and the strand ends and place it on the top of the egg.

Step five:
When your cord is dry you can now hang the egg on a tree or anywhere else for a fun decoration!

If you like, you can use transfer sheets to cover the egg or adorn it with cute Swarovski crystal rhinestones to make it sparkle. You can even color it with Gilders Paste for a new approach to colored eggs. It’s up to you how your lovely egg ornament will turn out.


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