Happy International Earth Day

Happy International Earthy Day, everyone! Today is also the first day of Spring, although it may not feel like spring where you are just quite yet. International Earth Day was initiated as a day to raise awareness on the care of our planet. We should all come together and remember to take good care of Earth so future generations can enjoy the wonders that we have today.

This holiday was established in 1969 by John McConnell of Davis City, Iowa, when he proposed the idea to the San Francisco, CA Board of Supervisors. In 1970, the United Nations signed a proclamation by McConnell to make all earthlings aware of this holiday. It should be noted that International Earth Day is different from Earth Day, celebrated in the United States every April 22.

So get outside and tend to the Earth, or stay inside and make International Earth Day jewelry! You can also celebrate the coming of spring with colorful spring designs and the use of our flowers and leaves collection. Find great spring jewelry ideas in our Learning Center for some fun inspiration, like the Home necklace featured in the image above.


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