Happy Jewel Day

Artbeads would like to wish you all a happy Jewel Day! Not sure how to celebrate? Let’s explore this holiday more and show you how you can honor this special day for jewelers.

This holiday was created as a day to give or receive jewelry. It doesn’t have to be about a guy giving his special lady a gift; this day can be a reason to surprise a good friend with a personal present. Will you receive jewelry today or make someone’s day a little brighter?

Find thousands of jewelry-making supplies on our home page, and explore hundreds of free jewelry ideas and instructions in our Learning Center. You can make a quick last-minute gift just for today or finish a project that you can give to someone later. You can even try making the Divine Glen Necklace featured in the picture above!

Have fun this Jewel Day and we hope to have inspired your next creation!


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    • Kimberlea B.
    • March 13, 2012

    I didn’t know about this, but apparently I participated lol. I went back to college last year after being away for QUITE some time, and was lucky enough to get my favorite teacher from years ago. She’s always loved elephants, so over our spring break last week I made her a charm bracelet & necklace inspired by & including elephants. I gave it to her today in appreciation of her wonderful teaching skills 😀

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