Celebrate Pet Owner’s Day!

Hi! My name is Sparkplug and my owner wants me to tell you that today is Pet Owner’s Day. Today we should take time to thank all of the pet owners out there who make our lives great! My owner Marissa rescued me when I was just 4 weeks old and has taken very good care of me. She is the copywriter for Artbeads and has let me write a guest blog for her today. I just want to say that she is a good owner and deserves her own holiday. If you know a pet owner that should be appreciated today, make them a special gift like a unique jewelry design! Check out Artbeads’ collection of dog and cat jewelry supplies so you can design unique pieces for your favorite pet owners.

Do you know a good pet owner?


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    • Mary Rae Olson
    • April 17, 2012

    You are a precious and beautiful little girly-girl. I’ve been a pet-owner since my husband I were married (as well as when I was growing up), but I lost my sweet girly-girl kitty, Taz in February, so I’m not currently a pet-owner. I will be again one day, but I still miss her too much right now.

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    You are precious and a beautiful little girly girl ! I was a pet owner in 2006 but sadly my ex boyfriend and I broke up in 2010 and we had to put Potter in a shelter and I sure miss that cat. I hope to be a pet owner again soon. 🙂

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    You are a sweetie to make jewelry for your person. To be honest, my big boy Harley would just play with all the sparklies. I know this from experience, micro-faceted tundra sapphires all over the floor. They made great toys, especially when Mommy had just finished laying them out on her bead board and unthinkingly took a bathroom break with him in the room.

    • Teri
    • April 18, 2012

    As a pet’s person I appreciate having a holiday for me. I never holler when I hear the kitty sliding on my work bench followed by the scattering of tiny beads. Or when I find a spool of elastic thread under my sofa. Or the tenth time the dog has stopped my bead work to check the night sky for intruders.

    We celebrated by walking two miles in the rain and cleaning muddy kitty prints off my dining room table.

    Waiting until you have the proper situation to be a pet owner is the responsible thing to do. Love animals enough to know when you’re ready and can afford to step up. When I couldn’t, I would visit people with pets and maul them. 😉

  3. Marissa, I LOVE the name Sparkplug… I bet she’s a real firecracker! It’s funny you celebrate Pet Owner’s Day. I just did a blog post this week about a piece of jewelry I created featuring one of my “fur children” Brandi, my Springer Spaniel. I donated it for a silent auction to support our local animal shelter!


    Hope we get to see you back here soon Sparkplug!

      • Marissa
      • April 20, 2012

      Thanks for the comment, Dawn! Sparkplug is a little firecracker sometimes. We’ll see if she can do another guest post soon 🙂

    • Lisa Clark
    • April 24, 2012

    Sparkplug, my three kids (small, cat-friendly dogs) send their best wishes and I send you scritches. Happy bead…scattering.

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