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With the spring season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about prom! We’ve already informed you on the 2012 prom jewelry trends so you can help style your daughter or granddaughter, but we want to hear what was trending for you in high school. I’ll get the ball rolling with my own prom story.

My junior prom was the first time I actually spent money on a decent dress. I found this little boutique an hour away from my home town and was sure I would pick out something casual. I had my eye on the color yellow, thinking that would be a fun springtime color to sport. Walking in to the overstuffed store, I browsed through hangers upon hangers of form-fitting styles. It wasn’t until my stepmom asked me to try on a ball gown style just to humor her that I felt special. The dress was bright yellow with colorful crystal accents. With a corset-style top and flowing ball-gown bottom, I left feeling like a princess.

This excitement spilled over into the jewelry my stepmom surprised me with. I had planned to wear some formal crystal jewelry that night—nothing too colorful. My stepmom slipped me this sparkling ankle bracelet that night to match the springtime crystal accents in my dress. She had even included the name of my date and finished it with a silver heart-shaped clasp. My night was definitely memorable, and I wore that ankle bracelet every day until it eventually broke and I was left with just a handful of beads.

Looking back now I realize how much my stepmom cared for me by creating an ankle bracelet out of Swarovski crystal bicone beads, faceted cube beads and sterling silver components. I really think that anklet helped make my night memorable.

So what’s your story? Tell us what fun fashionable prom tales you have!


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    • Heather Houck
    • April 10, 2012

    What a delightful story. I have 2 granddaughters graduating this year. One from Grade 12 High School & the other with her degree 4 year in Business. It is such an exciting time for them both & I am looking for ideas to make their jewelry special. Thank you Art Beads for some great help.

  1. Reply

    Such a lovely heart warming story. Yes you were very lucky to have such a caring Mom. You did look like a princess in the yellow dress. When my daughter stacy graduated she wore yellow and looked so beautiful. Jess my oldest wore light Blue and she looked very beautiful too. I did not make jewellery then but I do now. Hoping for granddaughters so I can make that special piece for them. :-).

    Good luck Heather! 🙂

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