Sheldon’s Big Bracelet

This bracelet is sure to make you go bazinga! With flat SilverSilk knitted chain capturing a collection of multicolored beads, the bracelet is perfect for every style from geeky chic to Hollywood glam. We’ll give you all the steps to make Sheldon’s Big Bracelet in no time.

Step one:
Cut two strands of flat SilverSilk approximately 7 inches long and lay them parallel.

Step two:

Thread one big eye beading needle with approximately 3 feet Fireline thread. Longer needles work best due to their flexibility. Thread the needle through the inner most loop of one SilverSilk strand.

Step three:

Pull the Fireline through and secure it with two tied knots.

Step four:

String one TOHO 9mm bugle bead onto the needle, coming from the underside of the second SilverSilk strand and through the innermost loop.

Step five:

Thread the needle back down through the bead.

Step six:

Move to the next closest loop on the first SilverSilk strand and thread the needle up from the underside.

Step seven:

String a second bugle bead in a different color onto the needle and thread it up from the underside of the second SilverSilk strand.

Step eight:

Thread the needle back down through the bead as before in Step three. Continue this process until you reach your desired length. Keep in mind that your ends and clasp will add length, so take this into consideration when determining the overall length.

Step nine:

Place the small portion of one hidden end piece over the end of the bracelet.

Sew it to the SilverSilk strands by weaving the needle and thread though its stringing holes.


Make sure that the bead pattern continues all the way to the end of the bracelet so you can set the hidden end piece over the top of the beads. If not, you will end up exposing the thread when you place the cover over the end piece.

Step ten:

Use a thread burner to remove excess thread on the ends.

Step eleven:

Place the hidden end piece covers over your ends.

Add your desired clasp using jump rings and you’re finished!

Show off your cool new bracelet at the next beading party or quantum physics presentation!


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    • Lisa Clark
    • April 24, 2012

    Lovely! Thanks for this project.

    • Candy norcross
    • April 26, 2012

    love this bracelet ! Very easy to design and very chic ! Will be designing this pattern for sure !

    • Merilee
    • September 13, 2012

    I love this bracelet. Where did you find that clasp? I have never seen one before and my local bead
    Shops haven’t either. Thanks

    1. Reply

      Hi Merilee-

      The clasp is called a ‘hidden end piece’ and actually hides the stringing holes! You can find some of them here

    • Merilee
    • September 13, 2012

    Thanks I am very excited. My current passion is the peyote stitch and this will work well, I am ordering now. Also I love the bracelet, the name AND I didn’t know about the Sapper and I am getting that also. Success!
    Happy beading. Merilee

  1. The biggest question I have is how much do the material cost?

    1. Reply

      Great question! You can find a list of all the components used (plus how much each item costs) here.

  2. I love the humor and intelligence in this article, the use of science and fashion together makes me whoozy I love it!

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