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Whether your mom is still with you or lives through your precious memories, the relationship we share with our mothers is definitely a special one. Sometimes it’s not even your biological mother who brings to mind what this upcoming holiday is all about. Today’s blog is about sharing your story of fabulous moms, the ones who exist in all forms.

I’m blessed to have two fabulous moms in my life—my biological mother and my stepmother. Both have been in my life for a very long time, and both have definitely helped mold me into the person I am today. From my mom’s encouraging words in supporting my passion to write to my stepmom’s wise words about dealing with boys and fashion. As a budding jewelry designer myself, last year for Mother’s Day I made them each a unique bracelet that matched their personalities. This project was my first attempt at making jewelry. I still have a long way before my designs look professional, but those bracelets will always be special.

The bubbly personality of my biological mother inspired me to work with rainbow kitty beads, and the stylish flair of my stepmother sparked me to use a collection of rich amethyst beads paired with a copper clasp.

Do you have a story about your fabulous mom? Tell us!


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    This August it will be five years since my Mother passed away. She lived a long full life, we don’t expect people to live forever but I wasn’t prepared for how much I’d miss her. We used to talk long distance for hours every week even before unlimited minute plans!

    Her creativity was what made her fabulous to me. She’d say she couldn’t draw a stick figure but there was little else she couldn’t do. If I needed a gown for a choral proformance, she’d whip one up overnight. She had a knack for home decorating, creating beautiful arrangements on our mantel to suit her mood. Much of her many talents were passed on to me, thankfully I can draw but I do not sew.

    It’s hard not to get choked up when I think how proud she’d be of me today, working for Artbeads as one of their jewelry designers. I even get to style fantastic displays for the photographer here, just like her tableau on the mantel. She loved jewelry so much! I often wear one of her brooches over my heart.

    My fabulous Mother was married to the boy she fell in love with in High School and had six children. (four of us came late in their lives)They had 67 happy years together before she passed! My Father says he has a date with an angel, he just had his 90th birthday.

    To her credit, she took many other children under her wing. There were often extras at our dinner table. Always ready to lend a sympathetic ear or help with a project. She taught, guided and served as a wonderful example. I miss her everyday.

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    My mom passed in March, 2011, and I miss her so much! she was creative, too – designed and made clothes, cooked, painted, gardened. She got me interested in jewelry, too, since she always wore some (I had to make sure she had on earrings when they readied her for her funeral, since I knew people would look), made some, sold some – jewelry was always part of her life. I know she’d be proud of me, as I develop my jewelry business….

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