Happy May Day!

Happy May Day to everyone! May 1st is often the time to celebrate the arrival of Spring, since up here in the Pacific Northwest we don’t really see a lot of sunshine until this day. This day has quite a history, from its origins to how it is celebrated. It might surprise you how many things are celebrated on May 1st.

May Day began as the festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers and spring. It is also a Germanic holiday of Walpurgis Night celebrations, which is exactly six months from All Hallow’s Eve and is celebrated with bonfires and dancing. When the Christian influence spread across Europe, May Day became more of how we know it today. Often May Day is celebrated with a maypole dance and the giving of May baskets. May baskets are small baskets of flowers that one leaves on his or her neighbor’s porch anonymously, as a sweet secret gift.

Modern times have also designated May 1st as Law Day in the United States—a day to reflect the role law has played in the foundation of the country. (Not as fun as the other celebrations but just as important!)

Take time today to celebrate the first of May your own way! Whether you want to make a floral basket for a neighbor or simply get into the spring and summer mood by creating bright and colorful jewelry. Get quick inspiration on free spring jewelry ideas from our Learning Center, like the Lacewing bracelet featured above!


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