What about Buttons?

Love to look at buttons but not sure what you can do with them? There are endless ways to incorporate buttons into any project, whether it’s jewelry or craft related. Of course buttons are great for use in clothing and accessories, but why not branch out with a new approach? Find your favorite button and use it as the focal point for a necklace! You could place it inside a picture frame pendant and fill it with resin, or embellish it with seed beads for a unique display. With so many sizes, shapes, colors and styles, your button adventures are limitless! Shop for buttons and stop by the Learning Center for amazing ideas that are free for you to view, including the Color Spectrum Necklace featured above.


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  1. Oh my gosh! This is gorgeous! I have been listing stuff, but once I am done, I am definitely going to be studying this project!! And I have definitely been looking at some of my buttons wondering how to use them!! Thanks!

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