When to use Links

Jewelry links are an excellent way to create a multi-stranded design or to make a dangling focal for an elaborate piece. There are so many ways to use links it often becomes overwhelming and beginning beaders shy away from exploring new options. The simplest way to use a link is to create two separate strands and then connect them to a link with jump rings. This will add length to your looks and create more dimension! Here are few more ways you can add links to your next idea:

  • Set off a focal point in a necklace
  • Create an asymmetric look with one side single strand and the other side multi-strand
  • Embellish with flatbacks to create a unique pendant
  • Add a dangling charm to an earring idea

Discover what fun new creations you come up with when you work links into your designs. Check out some free jewelry ideas below to incorporate links for some inspiration!

Urban Poppy Bracelet

Copper Couture Necklace

Nesting Necklace

Celtic Tale Earrings


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    • Susan
    • May 23, 2012

    I’m one of those beaders who’s nervous about using links. I see such pretty ones and I think, “Oh, that’s gorgeous!” Then I get it in my hands and I instantly morph into an alien who has no idea what that metal thingy is for! But with these tips, I might just put them to some good use yet! Thanks Bailey!

    • Marissa
    • May 24, 2012

    Good luck in your jewelry-making journey, Susan!

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