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Artbeads has always believed in providing only the best quality products for jewelry and craft designs. Even if our selection is not as vast as others, it’s only because we want to keep our collection special. We understand the intimacy of an artist, how an artist likes to ensure that their designs are unique. This is why Artbeads prides itself of valuing quality instead of quantity. C-Koop Beads shares this idea with us, that designers are the best source for other designers. Sara Lukkonen, owner and artist for C-Koop Beads, started her business in 1999 with just two differently sized beads but has turned it into a successful business. Her enameled copper pieces demonstrate the raw, real beauty that pours out from an artist’s hands.

The first time Sara tried to make a bead was over 35 years ago. Sara recalls, “It was exciting! I still remember the excitement of instant gratification. This excitement still happens today with many of the pieces.” She started enameling with a hobby kiln, discovering that she could fuse glass to copper and produce gorgeous results. In fact, no two pieces look exactly alike—making them even more special for a designer! C-Koop Beads gets its name from the studio Sara set up for herself in the ‘chicken koop’ at her home.

Although she doesn’t have a favorite piece, Sara does keep many of her favorite pieces in front of the torch so they can inspire her. Sara admits, ““I do like when I have to re-fire a piece, because it can change completely. Most of the time the ‘redo’ is so much better than the first time.”

Her love for designing is what she wants people to know first and foremost. “I really like what I do. I like to try to make things for people that they don’t know they want until they see it.” Her passion for staying ahead of fashion trends (and other designers) is what keeps Sara’s designs special.

We love C-Koop Beads just for this reason, too! You can view our collection of C-Koop Beads to add to your collection today.


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    I love my CKoop beads for earrings. There is nothing like lthem out there – AND kinda retro!

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