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Artbeads has been a longtime fan of the stoneware pendants and cabochons produced by Golem Design Studio, and now we’d like to share with you the people behind the name. Married couple Vlad and Kremena Ivanovi started the company after Vlad quit his job as a teacher to pursue being an artist full-time. With a love for art history and chemistry, it only seemed natural for Vlad to play with ceramics. Although both Vlad and Kremena enjoyed teaching, both also longed for the freedom that came from crafting beads and the fun they had executing their passion. When Kremena also decided to quit teaching, Golem Design Studio was born.

The first time Vlad attempted to make a ceramic component was when he was experimenting with a kiln in 1992. ““it was a full kiln with all kind of different objects – small pots, decorative objects and with them few pendants/amulets. It will be a bit too banal to say that my reaction when I opened the kiln was ‘WOW’, but this is probably the best description.”

This team has shared responsibilities in the creative aspect of their business, with Vlad handing the reigns over to Kremena after teaching her how to make ceramic pieces. As Vlad puts it ” my wife Kremena is the current leading designer at Golem Design Studio. Since I’m her ‘teacher’ in the carving and the other ceramic techniques, I’m really proud of my student… Usually we are working in the studio side by side, splitting the tasks needed for the current project that we are working on between us.”

What’s very apparent in their designs is the influence of many cultures that surround their home in Bulgaria. Sitting between Europe and Asia, this spot has been the perfect place to gather rich colors, shapes and textures and combine them in unique new ways. Some of their brown and white pieces were inspired by the old lace items from Europe and just a hint of the Asian arabesque art. They liked this idea so much that the line expanded to include subtle touches of color as well.

We love every handmade piece created by Golem Design Studio, from their smallest bead to their most elaborate cabochon. We know you’ll love adding their beautiful pieces to your collection as well. Many others around the world have already acknowledged the Ivanova’s hard work! In 2010 they received third place in the Handmade Bead or Button category at Bead Dreams, put on by Bead&Button Magazine and they also took both third and first place in 2011. Artbeads strives to invest in only the best quality products, and because we do, we feel it’s important for you to understand and appreciate why we choose the artists we carry. Artbeads selects for jewelry designers because we are jewelry designers. Discover for yourself the incredible stoneware components of Golem Design Studio today!


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    • Valerie Petschulat
    • October 23, 2012

    I love these pendants and ordered several to give as Christmas gifts, but I can’t figure out what bails to use or what other options to hang them with. Because they are so thick, most bails won’t work and the one I found that would fit covered up part of the front which spoiled the picture design. Does any one have any suggestions?

    1. Reply

      HI Valerie-

      We have a great Handy Tip in our Learning Center that shows you how to make custom bails for pendants! Click here to read it.

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