Rock Your 80s Style!

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In celebration of Rock of Ages in theaters today, we’re taking a look at fashion from the famous rock n’ roll era. There were a lot of memorable fashion statements from the 1980s (and some you probably don’t want to remember!) but let’s just take a look at a couple…

Chunky Chains
With Madonna’s wild style influencing pop culture, her taste in chunky gold jewelry poured over into the homes of young fans. Along with her fingerless gloves and lacey attire, cheap costume jewelry ruled during the 80s.

Asymmetrical Shapes
Did you shave half your head or only have one pierced ear? Asymmetrical shapes ruled in the 1980s, from large dangle earrings to prominent pendants. Most of the time these accessories came in bright, neon colors as well.

What was your fashion statement in the 80s? Share your story by leaving a comment below!


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    I actually had 4 holes in my ears. It’s just that they were only in my right ear. Oh and I lived in black. Think the original gothic.

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    I shopped for jewelry at the hardware store. Rubber O ring bracelets by the dozens! Thanks Madonna! Wearing neon green Reeboks and giant white tee shirts with leggings, we’d dance the night away to Culture Club, Madness, The English Beat and The Specials!

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