Snow White and the Huntsman Jewelry

The highly-anticipated remake of the children’s fairytale is putting out all the stops for amazing jewelry. Jewelry designer Cathy Waterman has teamed up with costume designer Colleen Atwood for truly amazing looks, from the 22-karat gold crown for Charlize Theron’s character to the hammered gold ring for Kristen Stewart.

Their freedom to explore this fantasy world is exemplified in the incredible designs they collaborated to create. Even in the clothing the designers followed through a fanciful woodland feel. Atwood fastened Thai beetles to the dress of one of the evil queen’s dresses, and even bird skulls!

The look of the queen was supposed to be elegant but fierce—a complex evil. When you see the movie this weekend, look for these subtle clues in her wardrobe.

Discover more clues to the characters in the movie and be sure to go out and see Snow White and the Huntsman in theaters today!

Source for Information and Photos: Paris Vogue.


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    • Jessica
    • June 21, 2012

    I was wondering if you know a website I can buy a replica of the 22 carrot gold ring kristen stewart wore as playing the role of snow white for a little bit of money.

      • Marissa
      • June 21, 2012

      Hi Jessica-

      I would do a web search for “Kristen Stewart Snow White ring replica” and click on the Shopping tab.

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