What is Kumihimo?

Kumihimo is the ancient Japanese art of braiding. In fact, kumihimo means coming together of threads in Japanese. This stylish technique is perfect for designers on the go and is simple once you get started. With our new kumihimo section, you can learn all about how to get started with basic kumihimo essentials as well as helpful resources from our Learning Center. Browse through tools, supplies and helpful hints along the way. Discover this amazing style that helps you personalize your designs so they suit your style!


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    So funny. . .I just took a kumihimo class on Monday and this is the second mention of it I’ve seen today. Cool.

    • Charleen Winn
    • June 17, 2012

    Have been working on this beautiful coral neckless,just started kumihimo several weeks ago.Just love it. Unlimited what can be made with kumihimo and beads.The feel of this neckless is wonderful.I will wear it to Kauai in October.Thank you for this inspiration.

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    does anyone have a safe way to finish a kumiloom dog lead? I have been starting the brad using a metal o-ring, but the end the person holds does not seem strong enough when just glue is used.
    thanks for your help

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      Hi Judy-

      We used thread to tie off the ends of our kumihimo braids, but we’re not sure if this would be secure enough if your dog is pulling on the braid. I guess it depends on how big your dog is! We would recommend making something stronger to hold your pooch 🙂

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