What’s Your Summer Project?

With the warm weather approaching, it’s time to decide how you will spend those long evenings or what to do on the cross-country vacation trips. We asked the Artbeads crew what projects they have planned for summer, and here’s what they said:

“With a background in throwing pottery and sculpture, I’ve been itching to get into polymer clay. My emphasis in pottery table ware was always surface decoration, ‘painting’ with oxide colored slips. It’s a strange process since the color of the slip prior to firing is seldom close to the color it will turn out in the end. I’m anxious to try making polymer canes and decorating surfaces with kaleidoscope patterns that like my pottery, won’t reveal their true color until the surprise finish! In addition, my newest obsession is beading beads. Taking tiny beads and making big chunky ones!”Teri M, Jewelry Designer

“Since I’ve just moved back to the Pacific NW, my plan for the summer is to figure out my perfect sunny spot in the house to put my beading table and supplies. So far everything is still in boxes. I’m not as inspired and creative as so many of my coworkers and sometimes that can be a little intimidating…. But I’m crazy good at organizing! The one project I have been thinking of taking on is something to do with Epoxy Clay. I’ve never used it. I figure I can practice this summer and by the time the holidays roll around I’ll have gifts coming out of my ears!!”Yvette T, Manager

” This summer I have a few projects I would like to complete. I recently learned how to do Kumihimo and I must say it is quite addicting! I love that you can use many different types of stringing material as well as beads. I would love to make a purse handle from the Kumihimo as well as a belt with some tassels. I also love the rusted iron cut out pendants that we recently added to the site and I have a wonderful idea for a wind chime using them with some Swarovski crystal. I am really hoping to have some time this summer to create some pieces made from polymer clay as well. I have never worked with this type of clay before but I am excited about the endless possibilities it offers. One book I plan to spend some time with is the Encyclopedia of Polymer Clay Techniques by Sue Heaser. This book offers a ton of information and resources on polymer clay! And the imagery is spectacular.”Amy W, Jewelry Designer

“2 projects for me: Kumihimo and Seed bead embroidery. Why those projects?

You can bring the Kumihimo anywhere! On the plane, at the beach, at the park, at your kids’ activities…it doesn’t take much space and I can keep all I need for my projects in a Ziploc bag. My tip for anyone would be that if you work with beads, prepare first your threads with the beads and put them in the bobbins before bringing it outside the house.

For the embroidery, because of the scissors and the needles I wouldn’t recommend that in a plane. I can’t wait to go to hunting for interesting little objects to sew on fabric and put beads around. Maybe a shell, some antique buttons or something unique from small artists in the Saturday markets, fairs …”Cynthia K, President and Co-Owner

So what’s your summer project? Tell us by leaving a comment below!


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    • Pat Holman
    • June 8, 2012

    Plan to try bead embroidery….did polymer clay years ago but too hard on my hands..loved it tho especially with pearl ex. Want to devote more time to working with wire….have some off-the-wall ideas.

    • gemineer
    • June 8, 2012

    Haven’t decided yet. I’ve been too busy getting my new jewellery store up and running! If I’d known how much hard work that would take, I might never have decided to try my hand at selling my makes 😀

    • Rose Engel
    • June 12, 2012

    I’ve already had a busy year and into next month! My daughter is getting married in July and I am doing all the jewelry for the Bridal party. That is including her future Mother-in-Law and also mine. So privilaged to be able to do this for everyone. My hobby has paid off!

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    I started a set of bracelets [Four Seasons] last year for an art show that I ended up not entering, due to family conflicts, so this summer I hope to finish them. I’m also rearranging my studio, and making some more items for my Etsy shop and the local artist coop I belong to.

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