An Earring Idea a Day – Shiny Disco Balls

Welcome to day 2 of our Earring idea a day for the summer! Over the next five days we’ll show you a fun, fast and free earring idea to help keep you stylish all summer long. This day’s idea is called Shiny Disco Balls. They will add brilliant sparkle and bold color to your next outfit and get you noticed for sure! Read the FREE instructions for these sleek pavé style earrings in our Learning Center. Stay tuned tomorrow for earring idea #3!


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    I love these earrings.. but my first thought was to call them “Snowballs” I’m from upstate NY so perhaps it’s because we see far too much snow here. Love them and how challengingit must be to make a pair of earrings a day!!

    • Jesse Bateau
    • July 1, 2012

    I like these, they are quite popular here, especially in colors and the larger the better! Many women in my area where earrings of this type, and in summer like to wear them large, lots of bling!

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    Love these! I always wanted a disco ball when I was younger. These are great!

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