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Artbeads has been a fan of Nunn Design for years. The relaxed, organic nature of each piece is appreciated by our designers, which is why we choose to offer them to our customers. These works of art radiate with fantastic color, dimension and style. Artist Becky Nunn learned the aesthetics of simplicity and nature throughout the adventures in her life.

Growing up in Alaska and being of Italian heritage, Becky Nunn was always drawn to simple, natural things. She also traveled to Italy and was revitalized by the ornate. Although function is the groundwork for her creations, the simplicity that naturally flows through her designs is what truly makes them beautiful. There is an influence from Italian Renaissance that is apparent in Becky’s work, making it all the more inspiring for jewelry and crafts.

Becky Nunn’s Office

What Becky learned about running a business transferred from her desire to stay simple and natural, to let things follow their own path and take a new form in the end. Her first product went through different evolutions, from shapes to functions. She kept an eye on trends and studied how they applied to her industry. This wise observation is what keeps her designs current. Becky learned to let go of form—everything will flow from the initial idea into a beautiful piece. Nunn Design aspires to nurture creativity and produce beautiful end results through this process.

One of Becky’s favorite lines is her collection of lockets. She admits they took a bit of time to develop (2 years) but is proud of what they’ve become. She even uses personal pictures as the samples inside her lockets! The beautiful town of Port Townsend, Washington, hides this humble company amongst its towering evergreens and rocky beaches. You can discover the wonder of Nunn Design for yourself and look for the ornate detail cast in each piece.


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    I love Nunn designs and am loving the photos of the artist and her workspace, these kinds of things always give me inspiration and motivation to capture what is in my heart and mind and put it into jewelry.

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