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There’s been a trend buzzing around the Internet where pizza patrons take advantage of the special request box in the online order forms. When pizza orders are placed online, there is often a blank box labeled “special instructions” or “notes” where customers can give special requests. The requests were meant to be pizza-related, like to cut the pizza into squares or for extra sauce, but customers took advantage of the blank space and instructed what they wanted drawn on their pizza box. You can find some examples of instructions for the pizza delivery here.

Some Artbeads customers have been catching on to this craze and have put special requests in their orders for things they want drawn on their invoices. Anna in Customer Service took care of these fun requests, drawing everything from a goldfish to a dinosaur on customer invoice sheets. Here’s some of her lovely artwork before it got shipped off:

Ryan in Shipping also pitched in one day! There was a request for a wizard to be drawn on the customer’s envelope and he came through with this masterpiece.

We want our customers to know that we really listen to what you have to say—even if it’s a request for something drawn on your order! It’s little things like this that make our Customer Service team and everyone here at Artbeads great.


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  1. Reply

    lol…that is very cool!!! It does show that you are actually reading everything on the invoice! Great job!

    You have artists in your midst….


      • Marissa
      • August 31, 2012

      Thanks for the kind words, Heather!

    • Nichole Roy
    • August 31, 2012

    My son who is 10 years old heard me reading this to my mom, and asked if I was ordering soon… I said why? He asked me to request a dragon so he can hang it on his wall. LOL! If you see my request come thru it for a boy who’s birthday is in 17 days! Love this craze! Your team is amazing!

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