Gemstone Legends III

We’re back with another installment of gemstone legends to give you a spiritual guide to some of your favorite stones. For years gemstones have been a symbol of beauty. Most ancient cultures have given gemstones special meaning, special power, that carry over to today’s beliefs. Today’s feature includes Jade, Goldstone, Black Onyx and Malachite.

Black Onyx
Black onyx is known as a separating stone and helps release negative emotions. Wear onyx to defend against negativity directed towards you or to help end a negative relationship. The ancient Egyptians believed this stone could actually cause an argument and tear lovers apart! This bold stone should be used for those who wish to avoid negativity.

Although it’s not even a stone (it’s actually glass!), goldstone has been around since the European Renaissance. It comes in a variety of colors, each of which holds a different meaning. Red goldstone reflects vitality and energy, while blue goldstone represents learning and communication. Wear this stone to store energy and for protection.

This ancient stone is believed to create a positive attitude and attract love. Jade aids in clear thinking and is also believed to bring you riches when held. Use this protection stone in your jewelry to bring love, riches and happiness your way!

The soothing green shades inside a malachite gemstone are what give it protective qualities. Malachite has been thought to be a strong protector of children and travelers, so use it in jewelry for your children or when you vacation from home. In fact, parents used malachite in the Middle Ages to protect their children against witches. This stone is usually found in Zaire, Chile and Australia, but was once used by the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks as eye shadow. It has been called ‘the mirror to the soul’ because it’s believed to reflect the inner feelings of a person, whether they be good or bad. Wear malachite to show your true emotions, or keep a piece in your bedroom to help get rid of nightmares.

We hope this stone lore helps you determine which beads to use in your designs to get just the right feel! Look for more gemstone legends coming soon. Find past gemstone legends by clicking on the links below:

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    Great post…I enjoy learning new things even if they are “legends”…


  2. I have SHARED these stone legends with my FB friends today. This was a delight to FIND these posts and to pass them along this morning. What a great way to begin my day: looking at stones and thinking about what I can make with them. thank you for writing these blog articles. I have certainly been refreshed and inspired by them.

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